Productive Area

Process Area
October 18, 2016
Internal area
October 18, 2016
Show everything
It is made up of two large projects that allow the generation of a solidarity economy in the territory:
  • memory canvases (HistoriArte).
It is a project of tourist tours of the Solferino neighborhood through the murals. Art tells the stories of the neighborhood, their problems, his memoirs and more. It is a project that manages to show the cheerful face of the neighborhood, showing that “The Solferino is not as they paint it, it is colored”. In that order of ideas, HistoriArte allows tours to take place like a visit to an art museum.
It emerges in a context of the negotiation of the peace process in the country. From seeks to generate employment in mothers head of household and young people of Manizales through the construction of handmade lanterns.

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