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May 21, 2019
Canvases of Memory
July 17, 2020
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It is divided into three axes:
  • The relationship with universities both public and private. It is a platform for students to do their professional practice. Scholarships and research opportunities are managed, deformation, of seminars, of symposiums and to participate in academic events that make it possible to project the relationship territory/community/neighborhood with the academy. Permanently establish dialogues between scientific knowledge and popular knowledge.

  • He relationship with public and private institutions. Project management issues are carried out, articulate programs that focus and stimulate processes and initiatives in Colombia and that point to public policies and the work of the foundation.

  • He relationship with social organizations. Different meeting scenarios are developed in Colombia such as the Carnival for Life and Peace and other platforms that focus their work in the country, where it is considered relevant to talk on a par with these different organizations and social movements to make collective readings of the territory.

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