Internal area

Productive Area
October 18, 2016
Relationship Area
October 18, 2016
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It is composed of three main axes:
  • The political formation, which is ongoing training with the entire foundation team, where they think of themselves as ethical-political subjects and carry out permanent recreational training activities as an important element in education. In it the other is listened to and popular knowledge is recognized.

  • Integrations. For the Huellas de Vida Community Foundation, it is very important to strengthen interpersonal relationships that make it possible to process conflicts that arise within the organization, therefore, he carries out ludo-recreational activities that allow generating permanent reflection meetings.

  • “Building a dream”, is the construction of our own headquarters. This is thought as a center for social and cultural research. It seeks to create a meeting space, not only for the members of the foundation, but for the entire set of social organizations in Colombia.

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